Hygiene/Periodontal Care

Dental hygiene, also known as oral hygiene, is the process by which preventative dental care is provided to avoid dental emergencies. At the core of dental hygiene is the in-home dental care regimen you perform. Your at-home regimen is supplemented with professional preventative dental care provided by dentists and licensed dental hygienists. Studies have shown that a healthy mouth leads to a health body, since the bacteria from the mouth can pass to other parts of the body and affect certain vital organs and can suppress the immune system.

Dental hygienists are often responsible for performing professional tooth cleaning, removing hardened plaque (tartar), removing calculus deposits, taking X-rays, and investigating components that relate to the bone and gum. For sensitive patients, hygienists apply a needle-free numbing gel to the gum for a pain-free deep gum cleaning. Hygienists collect all the data so that our dentists can develop a treatment plan to suit the individual needs of each patient.

Your Family Dental Care dentist works with staff hygienist by further examining the teeth, mouth and gums to provide any necessary treatment for tooth decay or gum disease. Regular dental visits are critical at any age for the maintenance of dental hygiene. The American Dental Association recommends that patients visit with their dentist and dental hygienist a minimum of two times each year to maintain proper dental hygiene. Our dentists will carefully examine all the data and clinical findings and will come up with a recommended treatment plan to be followed by the patient.